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How to Enrich the Changepoint Analytics Data Package

Your Changepoint Analytics data package contains data from all your PPM projects, users, and dynamic applications. Organized into the Changepoint PPM Data Model, it should provide everything to assemble any report you need by default. However, to get the most from some Changepoint Analytics features, such as the AI Assistant or Dashboards, you will need to enrich the data package.

Enriching the data package takes metadata from Changepoint Analytics such as Time, Usage, or Geographic Location and associates them with existing query items in the data package. Once those associations are created, the Changepoint Analytics AI can begin doing things like recommending visualizations or intelligently set values for table columns.

To enrich your data package:

  1. From Reports tab, click on Open Changepoint Analytics to go to Analytics home page.
  2. Click on Team content in the left navigation pane.
  3. Click on the ellipses (…) next to the data source name.
  4. Select Enrich package.
  5. On next dialog, click Enrich automatically.
    Note: When enriching your package for the first time, we typically recommend Enrich automatically. You can use the manual option to enrich only a small subset of query items, or to override values that were set incorrectly by the automatic option.
  6. Select folders or tables you plan to use most often for dashboards and click run. Selecting the tables helps reduce the time and memory usage by the system.
  7. Click Run.

Once the process completes, you will be ready to use the AI Assistant and Dashboards.