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Planview Customer Success Center

Planview Corporate Information

Thank you for your continued business as a Planview LeanKit customer. It is our privilege to assist you and your company in support of your strategic and operational objectives.

We wish to inform you that LeanKit, Inc. (”LeanKit”) intends to reorganize the corporate structure of its operations (the “Reorganization”). As part of the Reorganization, the business operations of LeanKit will be transferred from LeanKit to one of 1) Planview, Inc., 2) Planview Delaware, LLC, a single member of Planview, Inc., or 3) Planview International AB (Sweden). This change will result in the assignment of all existing contracts, SOWs, and any other agreements between you and LeanKit. It is anticipated that the Reorganization will be effective on or about October 1, 2018.

This contractual entity change has no business or service impact to your company. In addition, the team that currently handles your account will also remain unchanged. For completeness, the most immediate change will be when there is a billing event as the remittance from you will be directed to the appropriate Planview entity (Planview, Inc., Planview Delaware, LLC, or Planview International AB). 

If you require a vendor set up form to be completed to effectuate this change, please send this to: Outside North America if you require a vendor set up form to be completed to effectuate this change, please send this to:

For customers resident in an EU member state (outside of Sweden):
In compliance with the EU VAT legislation and in order to continue to receive VAT free invoices, please provide your valid VAT number to: If you are not VAT registered, your local VAT rate will be added to your invoice.

For customers resident in Sweden:
All services are subject to the Swedish VAT Act and you will be charged Swedish VAT on your invoices going forward. Please provide your valid VAT number to:

For customers resident outside the EU:
No VAT is charged on your invoices. As a customer, you are responsible for handling possible taxation in your country of residence.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Planview representative or

Here are Planview Delaware LLC and Planview Inc. W-9s: