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Account Editions

Planview AgilePlace offers several account editions or levels that include different features and abilities. The available editions are:

  • AgilePlace for Teams
  • AgilePlace for Scaled Teams
  • AgilePlace for the Enterprise

AgilePlace for Teams

AgilePlace for Teams is the most basic paid edition available, but it includes capabilities and features that are great for independent teams implementing Lean and Agile practices.

Keep in mind, if you’re purchasing Planview AgilePlace from the free trial (which is AgilePlace for Scaled Teams), you’ll find that AgilePlace for Teams is more limited than what you experienced during your free trial.

Here are a few highlights of the abilities and limitations of AgilePlace for Teams:

  • Unlimited (licensed) users
  • Unlimited Boards
  • File Attachments uploads restricted to 50mb each, or 1TB collectively
  • AgilePlace API Limited (30k requests per day)

AgilePlace for Teams supports complex workflow processes, team collaboration and cycle time metrics, giving you flexibility to manage your work.

AgilePlace for Teams includes features like horizontal swimlanes, but it excludes features such as connections. Board reporting is not available in AgilePlace for Teams.

To learn more about what features are included and excluded from AgilePlace for Teams and compare it against other editions offerings, take a look at our Compare Editions page.

AgilePlace for Scaled Teams

If you started in a free trial, you’ve already experienced AgilePlace for Scaled Teams! But for those unfamiliar with this editions offerings, AgilePlace for Scaled Teams offers several more capabilities than AgilePlace for Teams, including the ability to create connections between cards and the ability to create and configure custom board templates.

Here are the basic abilities and limitations of Select edition:

  • Unlimited (licensed) users
  • Unlimited boards
  • Flexible layout
  • Board templates
  • Collaboration tools
  • Lean metrics & reports
  • Card Connections Capabilities
  • Advanced Reporting

We recommend AgilePlace for Scaled Teams if you have teams that are beginning to implement lean and agile practices. Lean reports and metrics, advanced Kanban capabilities, multi-level visibility, and work item breakdown are just a few of the capabilities that will help you scale successfully using AgilePlace for Scaled Teams.

AgilePlace for Scaled Teams includes several board analytics reports and connection abilities such as single-board card connections, board-to-board card connections, and the ability to easily visualize card connections. But there are a few limitations to AgilePlace for Scaled Teams that you might notice as your lean and/or agile practice grows, such as integrations capabilities.

To learn more about what features are included and excluded from AgilePlace for Scaled Teams and compare it against other our editions offerings, take a look at our Compare Editions page.

AgilePlace for the Enterprise

AgilePlace for the Enterprise includes all available features and capabilities and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

Advanced edition includes everything available in AgilePlace for Scaled Teams, plus these abilities:

  • Multi-Team Work Distribution
  • Integrations
  • Reader licenses
  • Enhanced Security
  • Private Cloud availability
  • Single Sign-On
  • User Provisioning API

AgilePlace for the Enterprise is recommended for enterprises looking for an integrated Lean and Agile Delivery Solution. With so many available features, you’ll be able to fine-tune your Lean and/or Agile initiative seamlessly.

To learn more about AgilePlace for the Enterprise, contact your sales representative or take a look at our Compare Editions page.