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Planview Customer Success Center

Who's Your Audience?

Target the Right People to Gain FLEX Momentumbusiness-white-background-office-man-woman-presentation-postit-whiteboard-feedback-brainstorming_t20_LQk93a.jpg

Existing Planview Enterprise One or PPM Pro users can start to gain FLEX momentum.

As a FLEX Champion, you know the benefits of combining the Planview team-level solutions with our PPM solutions, Planview Enterprise One – PRM and PPM Pro. The challenge is to bring along the right other people to start thinking about how they, too, can make use of LeanKit and Projectplace. Look around your organization and identify key resources that you can bring along into your FLEX team. Here are some likely places to look:

  • Identify types of individuals by role (Project Managers, PMO, System Administrators, non-technical teams, etc.)​

  • Identify which users will have user licenses ​— think big!

  • Identify groups and larger bodies (organization units or governance bodies)​

  • Identify individuals (senior leaders, Agile team leaders, development leads)

Once you've decided on a group to focus on, you can tailor your messages accordingly. Senior management may be more interested in reports, while a scrum master might want to know more about kanban cards or a documentation team might be interested in facilitating their review process. Anyone you see putting sticky notes on a white board needs to hear the FLEX message!