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Ideas for Encouraging FLEX Acceptance

Need More Ideas? Ready to Dive Deep?

action plan.jpgWe've collected many helpful documents and ideas that you can use to encourage members of your organization to rise to the challenge of including the solutions in your FLEX solution in their day-to-day work. If you're new to change management (and that's what implementing a new tool really is!), you might want to use these resources to make you even more successful.

Why Adoption Matters - Do you really have to work with your organization to encourage them to get onboard with FLEX? Like anything new, the answer is yes!

Cultural Adoption Fundamentals - This Planview white paper gives many specific ideas about how to tailor your approach to your specific organization and culture.

Fifty Ways to Lead Your Users: Driving Cultural and Operational Change - Written by one of our former colleagues, this white paper provides in-depth information that you can use for any organizational change that you want to manage in the best way possible.

change process.png

This graphic provides a useful roadmap to driving acceptance of a new solution