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Planview Customer Success Center

How Do You Work?

No matter how your team works!

Planview’s work management software - Planview LeanKit and Planview Projectplace - delivers the tools your team needs to plan, manage, and visualize the progress of their collaborative work. Whether your team uses traditional project management methodologies, Lean and Agile methodologies, or a hybrid of both, we can enable your team to deliver their best work. 

Use the table below to determine which solution works best for your team. And remember, if work style or planning needs change in the future, you'll still have the other solution to meet that need. If after reading through this table you have questions or need assistance, please contact your account representative or customer success manager.


What is your work style?


Milestone planning

What is your planning style?

Continuous planning

Collaborative workspaces

Online Gantt charts

Visual task management

Project templates

Document management

Dashboards and analytics

What tools do you need?

Process and work visualization

Real-time work status

Kanban board templates

Risk identification

Agile team analytics and lean metrics

Cross-team work connections