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Planview Customer Success Center

FLEX Rollout Toolkit

Ready to Start?

You're prepared and can see how your FLEX modules can make a difference for your colleagues. You have examples to share, and access to so many use cases! All you need is a plan. Leverage the assets below to get started.

Need a checklist? We have one for you, right here! These are the steps recommended for a smooth and successful FLEX rollout. Follow them and you'll create a motivated and productive group of FLEXperts in your organization.

Downloadable version: FLEX Roll-out Checklist (PDF).

Communicating changes with team members is imperative for a successful rollout. Leverage the email templates below to give teams an overview of FLEX and how to get started. Click each email below to download.

Downloadable versions:


pp-email.PNG    lk-email.PNG   pp-lk-email.PNG