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Connected Delivery: Your Guide to Modernization


Empower your teams to do their best work

About This Guide

The world of work is changing. Teams across your company are practicing lean and agile ways of working. Others are using a collaborative approach to get work done. For some, traditional project methods continue to be best suited for their delivery requirements. 

To support today's hybrid ways of working, PMO and EPMO leaders and executives need to modernize and give teams the right tools to deliver outcomes, while providing visibility across all the work. This guide is meant to help you realize the value of modernization and determine which [INSERT] may be right for you.

Many enterprises are encouraging a combination of work approaches to increase speed and the success rate of delivery. Planview's recommended path to modernization is to start by empowering your teams with the right work experience for the type of work being delivered - waterfall projects (PPM), iterative collaborative (Project Teams module), Lean-Agile (Team Kanban module). We call this step of the journey "Team Foundation". 







What does this look like for you?

Your next step on the journey is "Connected Delivery", which involves connecting the team modules up into your strategy and portfolio plans, enabling stakeholder visibility and organizational alignment. The next page will focus on the value of your transition from Team Foundation to Connected Delivery.


Connected Delivery: What is the value?


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