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Analytics and Reporting Power BI Content Pack

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Understanding the Power BI Content Pack for Planview Enterprise

  • The Power BI Content Pack for Planview Enterprise is available through the Power web service and allows customers to view their work (project) financial data
  • The datasource is an out-of-the-box Tabular model (PVE FM_PPM Tabular Model) that must be processed and populated within the customer's Planview Enterprise system
  • When using the content pack, data from the Tabular Model on your Planview Enterprise server is sent securely, across the internet, to the Microsoft Power BI cloud
  • The content pack is an ideal first step for customers interested in utilizing Power BI to explore their Planview Enterprise data. It is available out-of-the-box
  • The data points in the content pack cannot be aligned or adjust to be specific to the customer configuration.
  • The data available includes project names, a small number of "standard" project attributes, time phased financial data, for the forecast and baseline versions, with generic line attribute analysis available

Connecting to Planview Enterprise Datasources for Power BI

  • The process for connecting to the content pack is detailed in the Connect to the Planview Enterprise Dashboard in Microsoft Power BI topic.
  • The Power BI service is available at;
  • Your Office 365/corporate credentials are used to log in to the Power BI service
  • In Power BI, the Get Data > Services option is used to browse to and select the Planview Enterprise Content Pack from the library of available content packs
  • Your Planview Enterprise credentials are used to connect from the Content Pack to your Planview Enterprise server
  • If Single Sign On (SSO) is in use then refer to the Using Power BI and Single Sign-On (SSO) topic.
  • The data available for analysis will be current as of the last load of the Tabular Model. Changes made in Planview Enterprise will not be immediately visible in the Content Pack. A reload of the Tabular Model is required to see the latest data.