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RPM Analysen & Dashboards

The information in this section replaces the RPM Analytics Outputs Catalog and the RPM Analytics Report Definition and Configuration Guide.

 ****** RPM Analytics v2.2.6 was released on November 11th, 2016. For full details of changes and fixes in this release refer to the Release Notes ******


Catalog Image.png

RPM Analytics are pre-defined reports summarizing and visualizing data from Planview Enterprise application. They meet the day one reporting needs for all of our customers.
Click to browse the full catalog and view details on each report, the business outcomes and questions that the report will answer and how to use and configure the report.

Catalog Image.png Click to download a summary version of RPM Analytics Catalog.
This contains the description and a preview image of every report in the catalog.
To see full report details use the browse link above.

Catalog Image.png A key feature and value of the RPM Analytics is the ability for Planview Administrators to configure the reports, modifying the datapoints displayed on the report and controlling the behavior of the report including default parameters.
Completely new reports can be created through a configuration process called Report Personas.

In this section you can view case study examples of RPM Analytic report personas which illustrate the power and flexibility delivered through the 
configurability of the RPM analytics and provides ideas for new and creative ways of harnessing their value.



RPM Analytics Administration and Configuration  
RPM Analytics Versions & Editions
Using the Analytics
Report Printing and Exporting
Deployment Process
Report Definition Files
Migrating from RPM Analytics v1 or v2.0 to v2.2.x
Upgrading from RPM Analytics v2.1.x to v2.2.x
Testing New Version RPM Analytics During an Upgrade
Reporting Attributes
Attribute Details and Configuration Rules
Managing and Formatting Attributes
Using Financial Management Data in RPM Analytics
Report Configuration Process
Report Global Defaults
Report Personas (Creating New Reports through Configuration)
Enhancements and Customizations
On-Premises Installation 
Managing Attribute & Report Colors
Report Troubleshooting